Monday, January 4, 2021

Open Access Journal: HIPHIL Novum

[First posted in AWOL  30 February 2013, updated 4 January 2020]

HIPHIL Novum: Journal for Bible and Digital Resources
ISSN: 1603-6565
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HIPHIL Novum is a peer-reviewed academic e-journal. It continues HIPHIL which was published in 2003-2010.

The journal publishes issues that promote resources for open education for all continents, races, genders, and communities, serving the next generation of biblical research and sustainable technology.

Peer-review is defined according to the Nordic performance based bibliometric evaluation (see here): at least one other competent researcher most have approved the quality of the research before publication. The evaluator must be independent and external, but does not need to be anonymous.
History: From 2003-2010 HIPHIL was published as a Hebrew Bible e-journal edited by Jens Bruun Kofoed and assisted by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen as part of SEE-J. It is resumed as HIPHIL Novum in 2014 by editor Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and an editorial team. Novum implies that the new journal includes the New Testament as well as a new global world. Earlier volumes of HIPHIL are available in the archive. HIPHIL Novum supported the program unit Global Education and Research Technology (GERT) 2013-2019.

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