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Open Access Journal: Adalya

 [First posted in AWOL 31 December 2020, updates 18 October 2022]

ISSN: 1301-2746

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The scope of the periodical covers articles and reviews of publications regarding research, study, documentation, and preservations of the Mediterranean cultures as well as interpretation of interrelations between them in the fields of history, archaeology, art history, architectural history, cultural heritage, and other relevant disciplines. 

Issue: 24, 01.11.2021

Research Articles

Research Article

2. A Hittite Seal and Seal Impressions from Tatarlı Höyük

Research Article

11. A Group of Roman and Late Antique Bone Objects Found in Ancient Tralleis


No. XXIII / 2020

Burçin Erdoğu

Capturing the Seen and Unseen in the Beldibi Rock Art, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 1-6.


Özlem Çevik – Murat Dirican – Aydın Ulubey – Osman Vuruşkan

The Galena Objects from Neolithic Ulucak: The Earliest Metallic Finds in Western Turkey, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 7-23.


Abdullah Hacar – K. Aslıhan Yener

Anatolian Pot Marks in the 3rd Millennium BC: Signage, Early State Formation, and

Organization of Production, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 25-58.


  1. Tuba Ökse

Reflection on the Sunrise Positions in Early and Middle Bronze Age Extramural

Cemeteries in Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 59-85.


Sevgül Çilingir Cesur

The Timing of Ritual Performance in Hittite Texts: The “Morning” Rites, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 87-109.


Dries Daems

Reassessing the Origin of Polis in Lycia and Southwest Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 111-31.


Fatma Şahin – Erkan Alkaç

Banded Bowls from Tepebağ Hoyuk (Cilicia Pedias), Adalya XXIII, 2020, 133-73.


Özgün Kasar – Kaan İren

Leaded Bronze Arrowheads at Daskyleion, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 175-204.


Hazar Kaba

An Elite Tomb from Soloi: New Evidence for the Funerary Archaeology of Cyprus, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 205-37.


Erkan Alkaç – Ulus Tepebaş

The Gem Stamp on the Handle of a Mushroom-rimmed Amphora from Knidos:

An Assessment of the Centauromachy in Terms of Stamps and Iconography, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 239-52.


Hüseyin Sami Öztürk – Öğül Emre Öncü

Olympos in Lycia: A Novel Assessment of its History and Localization in Light of Recent

Archaeological and Epigraphical Research, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 253-75.


Nihal Tüner Önen

Two New Inscriptions from the Claudian Period at Perge, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 277-87.


Handegül Canlı

A Unique Roman Folding Knife Handle with Eagle Ornament from Philadelphia in Cilicia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 289-96.


Şenkal Kileci – Birol Can

A New Honorific Inscription from Blaundos: Tiberius Claudius Lucius, the Priest of

Dionysos Kathegemon, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 297-309.


Ahmet Tolga Tek – Hacer Sancaktar

A Numismatic Riddle from Arykanda: The God of the Water Spring, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 311-41.


Mark Wilson

The Discovery of a Menorah in Attalia (Kaleici, Antalya) and its Significance for

Jewish Communities in Pamphylia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 343-60.


Özgü Çömezoğlu Uzbek

A North African Plate Unearthed in the Andriake Excavations, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 361-75.


Philip Bes

Early Byzantine Pottery from Limyra’s West and East Gate Excavations, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 377-407.


Nilgün Elam

Ecclesiastical Personages of Side (Σίδη) of Pamphylia according to Literary and Sphragistic Data, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 409-50.


Ömür Bakırer

Window Glass from the Excavations in the Seljuk Palace at Alanya, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 451-78.


Mahmut Demir – Terrance Michael Patrick Duggan – Erkan Kurul

Observations and Assessments of Some Epigraphic Graffiti Found on Entrances in

Kaleici/Antalya, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 479-96.


Ayşe Ozil

A Traveller in One’s Homeland: Local Interest in Archaeology and Travel Writing in the

Ottoman Greek World in 19th Century Anatolia, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 497-515.


Alex Rodriguez Suarez

Two Church Bells from Antalya: Traces of the Religious Soundscape of the Late Ottoman Period, Adalya XXIII, 2020, 517-32. 

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