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Open Access Journal: Heritage Turkey

 [First posted in AWOL 3 February 2016, updated 24 April 2021]

Heritage Turkey
ISSN: 2045-3272

Heritage Turkey 
Heritage Turkey is an annual, full-colour 'magazine-style' publication which contains reports on research supported by the BIAA. Short articles are written by project directors and scholars.
Correspondence, including requests for permission to reproduce material from Heritage Turkey (or its predecessor, Anatolian Archaeology), should be sent to the Editor, Gina Coulthard

Back-copies of Heritage Turkey are available at £10 per copy. Volumes 1-16 of Anatolian Archaeology (1995-2010) are available at £5 per copy.  Some volumes of the latter are out of print but available in electronic format. Please email the London office at to place an order  
Heritage Turkey Online

Download complete volume    or individual articles:

News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput 
Gülgün Girdivan, Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal & Lutgarde Vandeput on the impact of COVID-19 
Naoíse Mac Sweeney ponders the past, present and future of Anatolian Studies 

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Işılay Gürsu, Gül Pulhan & Lutgarde Vandeput on safeguarding archaeological assets 
Richard Piran McClary on Konya’s Kılıç Arslan Köşk 
Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal explores the Feriköy Cemetery in Istanbul 
Matthew Whiting explores emergency rule 

Migration, minorities & regional identities
Benjamin Irvine considers archaeological science and the ‘new normal’ 
Gizem Tongo revisits cultural life in Allied-occupied Istanbul 1918–1923 
Ioanna Sitaridou on Romeyka heritage in Turkey 

Anglo-Turkish relations in the 20th century
Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal revisits occupied Istanbul 
Umut Parmaksız considers secular migration from Turkey to the UK 

Climate change & the environment
Lutgarde Vandeput on the Sustainable Water Management initiative of the British International Research Institutes 
Ender Peker on water management in Istanbul 

Legacy data: using the past for the future
Nurdan Atalan Cayırezmez reports on the Institute’s digital repository 
Tamar Hodos on how the course of archaeological research never did run smooth 
Stuart Blaylock offers an overview of Gre Amer 

Habitat & settlement 
Douglas Baird considers Boncuklu through four objects 
Christoph Bachhuber & Michele Massa on the Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project 
R.R.R. Smith on work at Aphrodisias in 2020 
Julian Baker offers a view of the acropolis of Pergamon in the winter of 1302–1303 

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