Thursday, June 21, 2012

Digital Augustan Rome

Digital Augustan Rome
By: David Gilman Romano

Digital Augustan Rome is a long term mapping project that is prepared to provide a worthy digital successor to the published book and maps of Mapping Augustan Rome that appeared as Supplement 50 in the Journal of Roman Archaeology Series, 2002. The volume was directed by Lothar Haselberger in collaboration with David Gilman Romano and edited by Elisha Dumser. The entries were written by over 12 authors.

Digital Augustan Rome has also been a group effort and I have been ably assisted in this endeavor by Dr. Nicholas L. Stapp and Mark Davison who were also my collaborators on the original map from the 2002 publication. Our intentions were first signaled at the Third Williams Symposium on Classical Architecture held in Rome in May of 2004 where we presented a brief summary of our thoughts and plans on a successor to the Mapping Augustan Rome volume.1 Since the earliest days of the Mapping Augustan Rome project, it has been our intent to produce a digital version of the results and we have been working towards this goal virtually from the outset. The work of this digital project is the direct result of work carried out in the Archaeological Mapping Lab of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The work of the lab (formerly the Corinth Computer Project lab) since 1984 has been devoted to using the most modern methods of digital cartography, remote sensing and GIS in the field of ancient cities, landscapes and sanctuaries in order to study and better understand their composition, organization and planning...


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