Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Fragmentary Greek Papyri from Gurob in Trinity College Dublin. Volume 1: P. Petrie Cahier 3231

 J. Gilbart Smyly (†) and Willy Clarysse 

Often a PhD thesis for some reason cannot be published immediately. In the years
that follow, the authors do not find the time to revise the manuscript as they wanted.
This in turn causes problems because new literature appears or the evidence of
new sources needs to be incorporated. As a result, the manuscript often remains
unpublished and the valuable insights risk to be inaccessible and thus lost for

To prevent this, Trismegistos Online Publications have decided to open up a new
‘Special Series’, where valuable PhD theses or other scholarly manuscripts can be
published with an ISBN number.

Contributors can send in manuscripts in Word or PDF format to
mark.depauw@kuleuven.be. The editors will consult experts about the quality of
the manuscript without taking into account whether it is abreast of the most recent
scholarly literature or developments.

ISBN: 978-94-9060-412-7

Leuven, April 2024, based on a revised version (September 2023) of a 1905-
1948 notebook (Smyly) and a 1969 MA thesis (Clarysse)

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