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Zotero styles for Classics and Archaeology

Zotero styles for Classics and Archaeology

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Finding existing citation styles for Zotero (a widely used, open source reference management tool) may be hard. This page collects links to existing styles available for different languages and author guidelines.

CSL stands for Citation Style Language, the open source language to describe the formatting of citations and bibliographies used by Zotero.


Language is one of the possible criteria to group styles, but as the list grows and evolves other criteria may turn out to be more appropriate.


  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens (CSL style)
  • Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy (CSL style)
  • The Journal of Hellenic Studies (CSL style)


  • École pratique des hautes études - Sciences historiques et philologiques (CSL style)


Related resources

  • CSL visual editor is a great tool for 1) doing small tweaks to existing styles and 2) searching closest matching styles by examples.


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