Friday, June 5, 2020

New Open Access Journal: ArcheoLogica Data

ArcheoLogica Data

ArcheoLogica Data is an annual Open Access (OA) journal that publishes original contributions in the form of a dataset accompanied by an article. The archaeological data, associated with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), will be published in the Open Data MOD archive (Mappa Open Data) provided by the journal, in order to be accessible and reusable by the whole scientific community.

The journal aims to contribute to the sharing of “raw archaeological data” (data from any type of archaeological investigation – excavation, survey, remote sensing, geognostic investigation, archaeometric analysis, the study of materials, etc…), supporting collaborative science, without chronological or territorial limitations.

The call for submissions for the first issue of ArcheoLogica Data is now open.

Deadline June 15, 2020

ArcheoLogica Data offers to researchers and professionals the opportunity to publish Open Access articles free of charge, as required by the European community and desired by the ANVUR national directives.
The volume will give space to two types of contributions:
1. Long paper: articles of minimum 30,000 max 50,000 characters (spaces, notes and bibliography included) with the possibility of inserting up to a maximum of 8 colour or b/w  images  (.jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution).
2. Short paper: synthetic articles of up to 7,500 characters (spaces, notes and bibliography included), with the possibility of inserting up to a maximum of 2 colour or b/w images (.jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution).
Each paper must be linked to one or more datasets. Papers must include 5 keywords and an abstract in English (maximum 1,000 characters, spaces included)). The journal accepts datasets and papers in Italian or English. All contributions will be reviewed by two anonymous referees.
The publication of papers in the journal is contingent on the outcome of the Peer Review procedure, the editorial committee reserves the right to publish, reject or request revisions for the submitted papers.
The papers will be published in electronic format with CC-BY 4.0 license and related DOI. The authors will be required to indicate with which license (between CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA) they intend to release the data in the datasets, except for the Italian cultural heritage photographic documentation which, according to the Italian legal provisions (DL 83 of 31.05.2014, Art Bonus, converted into Law no.106 of 29.07.2014) will necessarily be issued with a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
For more information, see the editorial norms and guide for authors.
Contributions must be sent within the deadline to the address in compliance with the authors checklist.
Checklist and deadlines:
By June 15th:
– Send the paper in compatible word format, according to the editorial standard
– Fill in and attach the “Annex A” (dataset description form)
N.B.: Each author is required to indicate affiliation (if any), e-mail address and telephone number. The corresponding author is in charge of communication with the editorial board.
By September 15th:
– Acceptance, reject or request for revisions of the contribution will be communicated to the authors.
By October 15th:
– Send the final version of the paper
– Send the full dataset in compliance with the editorial standard
– Send the consent form for each author (Annex 1) and copy of the identity document
– If needed, send the third parties consent form (for mentions of sensible data of third parties, different from the authors) (Annex 2) and copy of the identity documents.
By December:
Publication of the journal issue

Download the documentation

Annex A – Download
ALLEGATO 1 – Download
ALLEGATO 2 – Download
Editorial Norms – Download

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