Tuesday, May 9, 2023

PERAIA project: Landscapes, Networks, and Society along the ancient Libyan sea

Through the term “Peraia” (περαίᾶ) the ancient Aegeans defined the territories beyond their boundaries, usually those separated by the sea. This term seemed to represent a duality: insularity versus mainland; land versus sea (Lambrinoudakis 1997; Knappett 2014). However, in the last decades, there has been an exponential growth in the number of projects studying this connectivity around the Mediterranean in the past, from ecological to social and economic dynamics (Horden & Purcell 2000; Broodbank 2013, Knapp & Van Dommelen 2014, Cherry & Leppard 2014; Leidwanger & Knappett 2018). These approaches have generated a research perspective that allows us to understand how communities created and modelled their identity, through the interaction with other communities. 

The PERAIA project emerges within this framework that aims to reconceptualize Mediterranean connectivity with the main aim to represent and analyze the social, economic, and cultural impact of the historical transport networks between territories in the context of the ancient Libyan Sea, from the Late Bronze to the Early Iron Age (c. 1500 – 700 BC).




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