Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Community and Identity in the Roman Seventh Legion

Digitally mapping funerary monuments referring to Legio VII servicemen and related members of the military community in Roman Dalmatia. 

This database was designed to facilitate and supplement archaeological and epigraphical research conducted as part of a Master of Research thesis submitted in December 2020. The project builds upon and digitises the robust catalogic work of scholars local to the modern region, such as Domagoj Tončinić's 'Monuments of Legio VII in the Roman Province of Dalmatia'. This database stores various types of geographical, epigraphical, visual, and historical data related to inscribed Roman funerary monuments belonging to, or commemorating, servicemen or veterans of the Roman Seventh Legion (Legio VII) in the province of Dalmatia (the modern Eastern Adriatic coastline and hinterland), as well as select relevant sacral and administrative epigraphic material. This project, and the related thesis 'Fratres Romani inDalmatia’,investigated the social dynamics of Legio VII, as well as processes of identity and community construction within the unit. It is hoped that this dataset will facilitate future research into military life in Dalmatia, as well as investigations of other corpora of Roman funerary stelae, as the general form of the dataset is transplantable onto epigraphical material from different regions of the Roman world. 


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