Sunday, May 21, 2023

Open Access Journal: SSEA Newsletter

newsletter archive


As a society, we began to issue newsletters to our members in August 1970, as the society became incorporated. Our first newsletters were simple affairs - typed on a couple of sheets of paper and then duplicated. They were published four times a year and while most covered matters relating to the organisation of the society and its meetings, notices and members' matters, also included a number of excavation reports and articles written by its members relating to research they were doing or had carried out. 

We have available online a copy of the first five volumes of the SSEA Newsletter. This is in PDF format, and all the newsletters are set in a single file of 142 pages. It is therefore possible to see how the Society was formed and shaped in its early days through reading through the file. We hope that this newsletter archive will be of use to scholars and members like, and is therefore freely available for all from clicking on the image opposite or this link. (Note that this is a large 45 MByte file so may take time.

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities / Société pour l'Ëtude de l'Ëgypte Ancienne

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