A growing collection of RDF triples describing Pompeii along with an API to access different views of the data.

As of May 2023, P-LOD includes over 2.7 million statements.

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About P-LOD and About This Site

Pompeii Linked Open Data (P-LOD) is collecting and publishing data about Pompeii and its immediate environs as Linked Open Data. The project is jointly directed by Sebastian Heath (NYU) and Eric Poehler (UMass Amherst). It includes data collected for the Getty Foundation funded Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP) and the NEH funded Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project (PBMP). Data entry is ongoing and the content here will frequently change.

This site provides access to P-LOD's collected data. Adapting the terminology of RDF and LOD, P-LOD uses URN-based identifiers and all resources are accessed via URLs with the pattern http://p-lod.org/urn/urn:p-lod:id:pompeii. There is also an API, which is growing and which will be documented by example for the time being. Each page that provides access to the information associated with a URN also creates links into the API. P-LOD is part of a network of sites that use the same RDF backend triplestore. Currently, this site makes links to PALP. Most of the images displayed in P-LOD are served from the UMass-Amherst Library's LUNA Image Server. All RDF data is published under a Creative Commons CC-By license, with use of the URNs themselves counting as attribution. The image data displayed here has its own licensing, usually CC-By-NC.