Thursday, February 9, 2023

Trismegistos News

From Mark Depauw in the PAPY mailing list --

Trismegistos is pleased to announce the publication of TOP SS6: D. Nachtergaele, The Formulaic Language of the Greek Private Papyrus Letters, Leuven 2023 (based on a PhD revised in 2016). You can download it in the TOP SS section: The book is fully integrated with a new database of Trismegistos, which can reached here:

Please note that the database is only accessible to subscribers. The pdf can be downloaded freely.

I could write a long exposé on the long and difficult genesis of this publication and database, but if you want to read more about it, please check the About-page of the database:

Please note that we have reorganised our sections somewhat: under TM Formulae ( you can now find several datasets that have been created in the course of personal projects, and that are not meant to be continuously updated (as our days only count 24 hours, unfortunately).

All the best,

Mark Depauw


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