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Open Access Journal: Journal of Mosaic Research

Journal of Mosaic Research
ISSN: 1309-047X
e-ISSN: 2619-9165
The JMR (Journal of Mosaic Research) is an international journal on mosaics, annually published by the Uludag University Mosaic Research Centre. The aim of this journal is to serve as a forum for scientific studies with critical analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of mosaics and related subjects. The main matter of the journal covers mosaics of Turkey and other mosaics related to Turkey mosaics. Besides, the journal also accommodates creative and original mosaic researches in general. Furthermore, together with articles about mosaics, the journal also includes book presentations and news about mosaics.
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Issue 10 - Nov 2017
  1. Book Review: A Mosaic Menagerie: Creatures of Land, Sea and Sky in Romano-British Mosaics, Patricia Witts, 
    Pages 383 - 384 
     Roger Ling
  2. The Roman Mosaics of Bracara Augusta: Re-Reading and Reinterpretation of Decorative Motifs 
    Pages 9 - 26 
     Fátima ABRAÇOS, Licínia WRENCH
  3. Figurative Elements in Mosaics and Roman Painting at Algarve (Portugal) 
    Pages 71 - 82 
     João Pedro BERNARDES
  4. Geometric Mosaics from the Courtyard of the Great Bath at Antiochia ad Cragum in Western Rough Cilica 
    Pages 83 - 100 
     Birol CAN
  5. Rome: Economic Change in the 2nd Century BC - The Context of Mosaic as a Luxury Product 
    Pages 101 - 116 
     Filipe CARMO
  6. Urbs in Rure: Decorative Programmes and Architectural Models in Lusitania’s Villae 
    Pages 117 - 124 
     André CARNEIRO
  7. Reflections of the Orient on the Epigraphic Monuments of Western Roman Lusitania/Reflets de l’Orient sur les Monuments Épigraphiques de la Lusitanie Romaine Occidentale 
    Pages 175 - 182 
     José d’ENCARNAÇÃO
  8. Mosaic Programmes in Domestic Contexts at Zeugma 
    Pages 183 - 212 
     Kutalmış GÖRKAY
  9. The Geometric Themes in the Mosaics of the Religious Complex of Mértola (Portugal) 
    Pages 243 - 252 
     Virgílio António Martins LOPES
  10. West Meets East: Roman Mosaics of Ionia 
    Pages 213 - 222 
     Werner JOBST
  11. From the Concept of Praeparatio Euangelica to the Christianization of Art, Especially in the Choice of Iconographic Subjects of the Roman Mosaic 
    Pages 253 - 258 
     M. Justino Pinheiro MACIEL
  12. The Mosaics of the Roman Villa of São Simão, Penela, Portugal 
    Pages 365 - 382 
  13. Mosaics of the Hispanic Meseta Norte: Phases, Officinae, Artistic Taste 
    Pages 311 - 334 
     Fernando REGUERAS, Caridad SAN JOSÉ
  14. The Mosaics of Roman House in Antandros 
    Pages 299 - 310 
     Yasemin POLAT, Seçil ÇOKOĞULLU
  15. East versus West in the Iconography of Roman Mosaics: Selected Examples of Shared Themes 
    Pages 259 - 284 
     David PARRISH
  16. The Roman Mosaics of the Roman Villa in the Monumental Complex of Santiago da Guarda, Municipality of Ansião (Portugal) 
    Pages 285 - 298 
     Rodrigo Marques PEREIRA
  17. Geometric Themes in Villae of the Conventus Pacensis 
    Pages 161 - 174 
     Maria de Jesus DURAN KREMER
  18. The Mosaics of Conimbriga (Prov. Lusitania, Portugal). New Observations on the Activity of their Workshops and on their Decorative Programs 
    Pages 125 - 160 
     Virgílio Hipólito CORREIA
  19. The Mosaics of the Church of Santa Maria Do Freixo (Marco de Canaveses, Portugal): Reflections on Its Meaning in the Context of the Late Musivaria of the Douro Valley 
    Pages 223 - 242 
     António Manuel de Carvalho LIMA
  20. The Mosaic Production of Augusta Emerita (Merida) 
    Pages 27 - 44 
  21. Geometric Mosaics of Baetica 
    Pages 347 - 364 
     Sebastián VARGAS VÁZQUEZ
  22. A Roman Mosaic Unearthed in Armazéns Sommer (Lisbon). Archaeology and Iconography 
    Pages 335 - 346 
     Ricardo Ávila RIBEIRO, Vasco Noronha VIEIRA, Paulo REBELO, Nuno NETO
  23. Abelterium: Geometric Mosaics from the Villae of Casa da Medusa and Quinta do Pião 
    Pages 45 - 70 
     Jorge ANTONIO

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