Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Bibliographic Database of African Scholarship on African Archaeology (BibDAA)


BibDAA is an open-access database of African archaeology publications by African and Afrodescendant scholars. It was launched in 2020 in response to renewed calls to cite Black scholarship, recognizing that under-citation of African and Afrodescendant scholars is a long-critiqued problem in archaeology. BibDAA supports academic research and teaching by helping scholars and educators discover under-cited work and diversify student reading lists, increasing the visibility of underrepresented researchers.

The scope of BibDAA is African archaeology in the broadest sense, including work in paleoanthropology, linguistics, history, and other fields. BibDAA focuses on the archaeology of the African continent and islands, from all time periods. It includes journal articles, books and book chapters, and unpublished masters and doctoral theses. Any scholarly publication with at least one African or Afrodescendant (co-)author can be included. The database provides citation information only; publications can be obtained through relevant channels.

BibDAA is a living database, created by and for the archaeological community, and requires ongoing effort to expand and maintain it. We invite you to use the database to support your own research and course design, and to help build it and share it.

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If you wish to cite the bibliography, please use this format:

Fleisher, J., M. Prendergast, K. Ranhorn, H. Woldekiros (eds.). 2021. Bibliographic Database of African Scholarship on African Archaeology.

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