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Sapientia Salomonis (Weisheit Salomos)

Eingel., übers. u. mit interpretierenden Essays versehen v. Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Walter Ameling, Folker Blischke, Mareike V. Blischke, Alfons Fürst, Rainer Hirsch-Luipold, Heinz-Günther Nesselrath u.a.
Sapientia Salomonis (Weisheit Salomos)

[Sapientia Salomonis (Wisdom of Solomon).]

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ISBN 978-3-16-156428-4
Open Access: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Sponsored by: Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Götting
Published in German.
The Sapientia Salomonis (Wisdom of Solomon) has been an accepted part of the Christian Bible since Late Antiquity and was transmitted as part of the Old Testament. The work has therefore deeply influenced the development of religious and philosophical traditions in the Christian world right up to the present day. The work was however originally derived from ancient Hellenistic Judaism, most likely from Alexandria around the beginning of the Common Era, making it a typical example of intensive interaction between biblical tradition and classical Greco-Roman culture. This can be seen in the reception of biblical and ancient oriental sapiential texts in the Wisdom of Solomon and their combination with topics, terms and forms of Greek philosophy. The ensuing Hellenistic blend had an important spiritual-cultural influence on the authors of New Testament writings.



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