Monday, August 14, 2023

Open Access Journal: Syllogos Herodotus Journal

SYLLOGOS - Herodotus Journal

Syllogos is an international, open-access journal dedicated to Herodotus’ Histories: to the world of Herodotus’ text; the Mediterranean, Near Eastern, North African and European worlds to which his work relates; and to the global reception of the Histories from antiquity to the present day.

The journal is managed by the Herodotus Helpline, with the support of a number of universities, colleges and associations. For more details, see About the Journal.  

Syllogos invites submissions and ideas for future features from scholars and students of any discipline. For information on how to submit, go to our Submission page, or contact us on

Front Matter


Front Matter

Editorial Note

  • Editorial

    Paul Demont, John Dillery, Francesca Gazzano, Thomas Harrison, Jan Haywood, Elizabeth Irwin, Polly Low, Andreas Schwab, Pietro Vannicelli

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