Sunday, September 11, 2022

The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC), Vol. I

 Gianluca Miniaci, Wolfram Grajetzki (eds)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 1)


Yazawa K., Burial Assemblages of the Late Middle Kingdom, Shaft-tombs in Dahshur North Masahiro Baba.
Bader B., Stone Objects from the Late Middle Kingdom Settlement at Tell el-Dabʻa.
Connor S., The Statue of the Steward Nemtyhotep (Berlin ÄM 15700) and some Considerations about Royal and Private Portrait under Amenemhat III.
Fay B., Thoughts on the Sculpture of Sesostris I and Amenemhat II, Inspired by the Meket-re Study Day.
Fay B., London BM EA 288 (1237) – a Cloaked Individual.
Seyfried F., Neferusobek Project: Part I, Biri Fay, Rita E. Freed, Thomas Schelper.
Freed R. E., A Torso gets a Name: an Additional Statue of the Vizier Mentuhotep?
Galán J. M.,  Jiménez-Higueras Á., Three Burials of the Seventeenth Dynasty in Dra Abu El-Naga.
Grajetzki W., A Middle Kingdom Stela from Koptos (Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove HA282043).
Horváth Z., Hathor and her Festivals at Lahun. 
Ilin-Tomich A., King Seankhibra and the Middle Kingdom Appeal to the Living.
Serrano A. J., A unique Funerary Complex in Qubbet el-Hawa for Two Governors of the Late Twelfth Dynasty.
Landgráfová R., In the Realm of Reputation: Private Life in Middle Kingdom Auto/biographies.
Lange E., The So-called Governors’ Cemetery at Bubastis and Provincial Elite, Tombs in the Nile Delta: State and Perspectives of Research.
Lorand D., The Archetype of Kingship Who Senwosret I claimed to be, How and Why?
Morales A. J.,Tracing Middle Kingdom Pyramid Texts Traditions at Dahshurx.
Müller M., New Approaches to the Study of Households in Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Egypt.
Nelson-Hurst M. J.The (social) House of Khnumhotep.
Nyord R.Scribes of the Gods in the Coffin Texts.
Gamal Rashed M., The Significance of the Hieroglyph  ‘The Egg with the Young Bird Inside.
Rigault P., The Canopic Chest of Khakheperreseneb/Iy – Louvre E 17108.
Satzinger H., I am a Nbt-pr, and I am Independent Danijela Stefanović.
Tooley A. M. J.,  Garstang’s El Arabah Tomb E.1.

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