Friday, September 23, 2022

Faenum Publishing

Faenum Publishing Faenum Publishing is an independent, open-access publisher, focusing on Classical texts and commentaries. We are interested in creating and disseminating work that for various reasons falls outside the purview of traditional academic publishing. While no author or text is out of bounds, we look for works that fall outside the traditional canon of study, aiming to make a broad selection of premodern literature available to a wider and more diverse audience. 

We seek to inhabit a space somewhere between old and new media, between the structured world of the university press and wild, digital expanse of the internet. Our goal is to be at home with both but restricted to neither. While the prices of textbooks continue to rise, we use new technology to make our texts available at low cost or no cost to you, our readers. In exchange, we ask for one thing: your feedback. Unlike traditional publishers, whose products receive intensive editing and peer-review (and a price tag to match), we rely heavily on the input of our readers to insure the quality of our texts. We update all digital editions regularly, and the print-on-demand process allows us to make revisions as often as errors are found. So if you have a comment, let’s hear it! Have an idea for a text? Even better! Faenum is a place for active students, not passive consumers. Here students of all levels (the amateur, the seasoned scholar, the undergraduate, the autodidact) can come together to read, to write, to teach, to learn, but ultimately to contribute.

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