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Chronika Project

The “Chronique” in the BCH

Chronique des fouilles was first published in the Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique (BCH) in 1920, under the title “Chronique des fouilles et découvertes en Orient hellénique ».Its aim was to offer an overview of all archaeological work that took place each year in Greek lands.Over the years it has become an important research tool for historians and archaeologists, teachers, students and interested readers.The annual update of Chronique des fouilles published in each BCH offers a unique research tool, compiling material that is very often unpublished and will remain unpublished for several years. As the amount of archaeological work conducted in Greece increased and the extent of its reporting in printed articles grew each year the decision was taken to turn the publication into an online database. Chronique des fouilles en ligne / Archaeology in Greece Online was therefore created in 2009 as a joint project with the British School at Athens who were facing the same challenges with Archaeological Reports. 


The content of Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique is already digitized. It is online and open access on the Persée platform ( Following this digitisation, the “Chronika” project was developed with Persée in order to enrich Chronique des fouilles en ligne/AG Online with older records. The project received 24 months of funding from the GIS CollEx-Persée (AAP 2019) to add retrospectively all the older records of the BCH (from before 2005) to the database in the same format as the current records. 

The “Chronika” Project

This retrospective treatment will allow us to enhance the legacy texts with digital information, such as georeferences, image galleries, metadata (keywords, periods, linked field operations). It will allow an accurate linking of the archaeological database, Chronique des fouilles en ligne, to the online library which is Persé  .


The retrospective records will be available on the AG Online platform as normal, through the search engine with one or more criteria. A new search term has been added to allow a search by year or BCH volume.

Online "Bulletins" - progress of the editing project

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