Sunday, September 11, 2022

The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC), Vol. II

 Gianluca Miniaci, Wolfram Grajetzki (eds)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 2)


Marilina Betrò, Tombs in transition: MIDAN.05 and windows in the early Eighteenth Dynasty
Anna Consonni, Precious finds from an early Middle Kingdom tomb in Thebes: reconstructing connections between the dead and their goods 
John Darnell, Colleen Darnell, Umm-Mawagir in Kharga Oasis: an Industrial Landscape of the Late Middle Kingdom/Second Intermediate Period
Vivian Davies, The tomb of a Governor of Elkab of the Second Intermediate Period 
Marleen De Meyer, An Isolated Middle Kingdom Tomb At Dayr Al-Barsha
Nathalie Favry, The Transmission of Offices in The Middle Kingdom
Wolfram Grajetzki Gianluca Miniaci, The stela of the Thirteenth Dynasty treasurer Senebsumai 
Karin Kopetzky, Some Remarks on the Relations between Egypt and the Levant during the late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period
Ingrid Melandri, Female Burials in the Funerary Complexes of the Twelfth Dynasty: an Architectonic Approach
Stephen Quirke, Diachronic questions of form and function: falcon-head utensils in Middle Kingdom contexts
Mohammed Gamal Rashed, The Egg is a metaphor for Isis: a Coffin Text Imagery
Gloria Rosati, ‘Writing-Board Stelae’ with Sokar-Formula: Preliminary Account
Ashraf Senussi, Said Abd Alhafeez Abd Allah Kheder, Two loose blocks from Hawara of Sobek-Hotep 
Julien Siesse, An unpublished Scarab of Queen Tjan (Thirteenth Dynasty) from the Louvre Museum (AF 6755) 
Pascal Vernus, Literary exploitation of a craftman’s device: the sandal-maker biting leather (Teaching of Chety, pSallier VIII, 12). When philology, iconography and archaeology overlap
Fred Vink, Boundaries of Protection: Function and Significance of the Framing (Lines) on Middle Kingdom Apotropaia, in particular Magic Wands 
Paul Whelan, On the Context and Conception of Two ‘Trademark’ Styles from Late Middle Kingdom Abydos



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