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Invisible Archaeologies: Hidden Aspects of Daily Life in Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Edited by Loretta Kilroe
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 nvisible Archaeologies: hidden aspects of daily life in ancient Egypt and Nubia brings together eight of the papers presented at a conference held in Oxford in 2017. The theme aimed to bring together international early-career researchers applying novel archaeological and anthropological methods to the ‘overlooked’ in ancient Egypt and Nubia – and included diverse topics such as women, prisoners, entangled communities and funerary displays.

The papers use a range of archaeological and textual material and span from the Predynastic period to the Late Period. By applying methodology used so successfully within the discipline of archaeology over the past 20 years, they offer a different perspective on Egyptological research, and demonstrate how such theoretical models can broaden scholarly understanding of the Nile Valley.


Introduction – Loretta Kilroe
Tortured, Banished, Forgotten (and frequently Ripped Off)? Experience of Ancient Egyptian Criminal Judgment and its Consequences through the 2nd Millennium BCE – Alex Loktionov
Communities of Glyptic Practice in Predynastic Egypt – Siobhan Shinn
Family Associations Reflected in the Materiality of 21st Dynasty Funerary Papyri – Marissa Stevens
Practising Craft and Producing Memories in Ancient Nubia – Kate Fulcher
(Re)Shaping Identities: Culture-Contact Theories Applied to the Late Bronze Age “Egyptian” Pantheon and People – Jacqueline M.Huwyler
Elite and Common People: Redefining Burial Practices in Ancient Egypt – Ilaria Davino
Displayed Graves: A Study of Predynastic Naqada Burials as the Device for the Mortuary Ceremony – Taichi Kuronuma
Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, a Landscape for the Afterlife: Reciprocity in Shaping Life Histories – Antonio Muñoz Herrera

H 276 x W 203 mm

136 pages

28 figures (13 pages in colour)

Published Nov 2019

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789693751

Digital: 9781789693768


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