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Digital Imaging of Artefacts: Developments in Methods and Aims

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This volume brings together new lines of research across a range of disciplines from participants in a workshop held at Wolfson College, Oxford, on 23rd May 2017. In light of rapid technological developments in digital imaging, the aim in gathering these contributions together is to inform specialist and general readers about some of the ways in which imaging technologies are transforming the study and presentation of archaeological and cultural artefacts. The periods, materials, geography, and research questions under discussion therefore are varied, but the contributions are united in shared interests surrounding the aims of these techniques for imaging objects: what advantages do they offer, whether in research or museum contexts, what limitations are still faced, and how can technological development encourage new types of research and public engagement?


Foreword – by J. L. Dahl ; Introduction – by Kate Kelley and Rachel K. L. Wood ; Potential and limitations of 3D digital methods applied to ancient cultural heritage: insights from a professional 3D practitioner – by Steven Dey; The potential of hyperspectral imaging for researching colour on artefacts – by David Howell; A structured light approach to imaging ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals: how efficient 3D imaging may facilitate corpus-wide research – by Jacob. L. Dahl, Jonathon. S. Hare, Kate Kelley, Kirk Martinez, and David Young; The use of the digital microscope and multi-scale observation in the study of lapidary manufacturing techniques. A methodological approach for the preliminary phase of analysis in situ – by Elise Morero, Hara Procopiou, Jeremy Johns, Roberto Vargiolu, and Hassan Zahouani; Imaging seals and coins with various light angles and spectra: consequences for understanding and representing colour and relief – by Hendrik Hameeuw; Prehistoric stone sculptures at the Gregorio Aguilar Barea Museum, Nicaragua: photogrammetry practices and Digital Immersive Virtual Environment applications for archaeology – by Alexander Geurds, Juan Aguilar, and Fiona McKendrick; A multispectral imaging and 3D modelling project on the Arundel Marbles – by Alison Pollard; The Khosro Cup Replication Project: 3D imaging for a temporary exhibition – by Rachel K. L. Wood

H 276 x W 203 mm

190 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (80 plates in colour)

Published Nov 2018

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789690255

Digital: 9781789690262


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