Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Wisdom of Peers: The Madaba Plains Project After Fifty Years

This film, directed by Ivan LaBianca, tells the story of the Madaba Plains Project, the longest-lasting archaeological collaboration in Jordan, which has carried out excavations at Tall Hisban (biblical Heshbon), Tall al-‘Umayri, and Tall Jalul. This is its story, which emerged from the original Andrews University Heshbon Expedition. Interviewed in this film are the five co-directors of the Madaba Plains Project -- Lawrence T. Geraty, Oystein S. LaBianca, Larry Herr, Douglas R. Clark, and Randall Younker. Others interviewed include Robert Bates, William Dever, Bethany Walker, Jeffery Hudon, Shahd Mashalah, Charles Rhodes, Emily Cancel, Esther Schirrmacher, Tarina Greer, and Anastasia Thamnopoulou.

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