Saturday, December 11, 2021

Mycenae: From Myth to History: An exhibition of photographs by Robert McCabe

In the summer of 1955, Robert McCabe, a young American in his early 20s, was given a simple assignment by Professor Alan John Bayard Wace: to create a visual record of Mycenae with his Rolleiflex camera and Plus-X film.

Wace had led British excavations at Mycenae since he was personally granted permission to do so in 1920, as Director of the British School at Athens.

McCabe took some 200 photographs that year, a small number perhaps by modern digital standards but a sizeable and comprehensive record nonetheless. This exhibition features around fifty of those photographs, capturing a black and white archive of the site and its place in the broader landscape – a landscape peopled in McCabe's photographs by both archaeologists and locals alike, whose interactions and stories are remembered in the captions.

Robert McCabe in 1955 with Nikolaos Demopoulos



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