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Old Babylonian Tabular Accounts

Old Babylonian Tabular Accounts

Here you will find a complete listing of all the Old Babylonian tabular accounts presented in Robson (2004), and a full edition of those discussed in Robson (forthcoming).

All the texts and catalogue data presented here are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 license.


  • Robson, E., forthcoming. 'Old Babylonian tabular accounts: a structural study'. Draft of 2011-11-01. [278 KB PDF file]

  • Robson, E., 2008. Mathematics in Ancient Iraq: a Social History, Princeton: Princeton University Press, §6.2: 'Tabular accounting in southern Babylonia', pp. 157–166. [Preview on Google Books]

  • Robson, E., 2004. 'Accounting for change: the development of tabular book-keeping in early Mesopotamia', in M. Hudson and C. Wunsch (eds.), Creating Economic Order: Record-keeping, Standardization, and the Development of Accounting in the Ancient Near East (International Scholars Conference on Ancient Near Eastern Economies, 4), Bethesda: CDL Press, 107–144. [148 KB PDF file]

  • Robson, E., 2003. 'Tables and tabular formatting in Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria, 2500-50 BCE' in M. Campbell-Kelly, M. Croarken, R.G. Flood, and E. Robson (eds.), The History of Mathematical Tables from Sumer to Spreadsheets, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 18–47. [932 KB PDF file]


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