Monday, December 20, 2021

THANADOS: The Anthropological and Archaeological Database of Sepultures

THANADOS (The Anthropological and Archaeological Database of Sepultures) deals with the digital collection and presentation of Early Medieval cemeteries in the area of present day Austria.

Within THANADOS hitherto published information on Early Medieval burials is going to be digitized and translated to English language. The data are mapped using the CIDOC CRM and provided online. The information can be explored via a digital catalogue and within an interactive map. Cartographic visualisations as well as charts and plots are created dynamically based on real archaeological research data.

It aims at providing a best practice way on how to disseminate archaeological sources and research in the 21st century against the background of digital humanities.

It is closely connected to the OpenAtlas project and entirely build upon open source technology. It started in June 2019 and is funded by the go!digital NextGeneration programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (GDND 2018 039). It is work in progress and we add new sites continuously. By the end of the project in 2021 this website will provide an online repository of all hitherto published Early Medieval cemeteries from the area of present day Austria.

The application is entirely open source and the code is available via GitHub under the MIT license 


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