Friday, February 26, 2021

The Nolli Map Website

© 2005-2021 University of Oregon

Jim Tice, University of Oregon Dept of Architecture
Erik Steiner, InfoGraphics Lab, Dept of Geography
Consulting: Allan Ceen PhD., Penn State/Studium Urbis


The 1748 Map of Rome, by Giambattista Nolli is widely regarded by scholars as one of the most important historical documents of the city ever created. This project is a collaborative exploration of the exquisite Nolli engraving, through its historic significance and contemporary application.

A seamless digital remastering of the Nolli Map serves to geo-reference a vast body of information to better understand the Eternal City and its key role in shaping Western Civilization. The Nolli Map Web Site introduces students to Rome and the structure of its urban form; it illustrates the evolution of the city over time; and it reveals diverse factors that determined its development.


Natural Features

The Forgotten Landscape of Rome: The Disabitato
Jim Tice

Architecture and Urbanism

The Walls of Rome
Jim Tice & Allan Ceen

Social Factors

Rioni: The Districts of Rome
Allan Ceen & Jim Tice


The Nolli Map as Artifact
Allan Ceen & Jim Tice

Nuova Pianta di Roma Data in Luce da Giambattista Nolli l'anno MDCCXLVII
Allan Ceen

The Nolli Map and Urban Theory
Jim Tice


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