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Open Access Journal: Gazette and Acta Tulliana

 [First posted in AWOL 2 February 2018, updated 6 February 20201]

Gazette and Acta Tulliana
For Cicero’s Friends, provides a Gazette, which is online, free and open for all, and the Acta Tulliana, a bimonthly report. 


Our Gazette, published as a .pdf file, is more a newsletter than an academic review. Papers and notes written by scientific members are not a paid work, and are monitored by the scientific editor, Andrea Balbo.
The main purpose of the Gazette is:
  • a stage for information: open-ed, notes about our organization and the site, books and issues, schedules for conferences coming soon, announcements about ongoing projects or in the next future, etc.
  • a spot for ideas and debates: curiosities and interviews from all points of views (philology, major texts, history, philosophy, rhetorics, linguistics, iconography, and more)
  • an open place: learning and teaching, personal interest ("My Cicero") etc.
The Gazette is published in the three official languages of  and in Spanish (in the section Documents > Hispanica).  
To submit Your articles to the Gazette it is necessary to read the  Editorial guide and the Norms.

Previous and last issues 

Acta Tulliana

Since 2010, to the Tulliana Gazette is added the Acta Tulliana, a bimonthly report send by mail to all members, which gves last news of the Society : new members, projects, seminars, updates of the site, etc. Our colleague Chiaffredo Bussi [] is in charge of the Acta, and might be your correspondant for all news you whish to send to the Acta. You can have a look on the last issues with this link : summary.

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To send Your contributions to Acta Tulliana

01. Gazette 2009, 1 :
Français - English - Italiano - Español

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