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Open Access Journal: Nekhen News

 [Originally posted 7/26/10, updated 16 February 2021].

Nekhen News
Download and read back issues of Nekhen News, the Hierakonpolis Expedition's newsletter, in PDF format - which is accessible by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free to download).
The earliest of these Nekhen News editions are truly archaeological documents in their own right, and you can read how the excavations at Hierakonpolis took shape, as well as see how we developed our 'Friends' organisation.

Most recent volume:

Nekhen News, Winter 2020 vol 32

A Little Bit of Everywhere: Hierakonpolis in 2020, Fort Report: View from the Southern Flank, The Potter's House at HK29: A comparitive re-assessment, HK6: Life of the Edge, Ashmolean Object in Focus: The Scorpion Mace-head. And much more!


Nekhen News Fall 1985 vol I.1 (0.3MB)
The first ever edition of our 'ground-breaking' reports of work on site.

Nekhen News, June 1986 vol 2.1 & 2.2 (0.7 MB)
The Hierakonpolis Expedition discovers Egypt's oldest temple, the lure of potsherds and mystery petroglyphs.

Nekhen News, Winter 1986 vol 3.1 (0.7 MB)
'The First Egyptians', Predynastic Lapis Lazuli and 'Excavating Old Archaeologists'.

Nekhen News, Fall 1987 vol 3.2 (1.0 MB)
The Truth about Narmer, Pathways to the Past and Plans for the Hierakonpolis Expedition Center.

Nekhen News, Winter 1987 vol 4.1 (1.0 MB)
HK-64 reveals a well-kept secret; Beads, Borers & Bifaces; Shadows of the Past - The Compound Wall completed.

Nekhen News, Summer 1988 vol 4.2 (1.0 MB)
An archaeologist reconstructs his Past; Mapping Hierakonpolis; Fish stories and Tall Tails.

Nekhen News, Fall 1988 vol 4.3 (0.9 MB)
Details of the start of the 1988-89 season; The first Egyptians; New light on ancient yeast; and updates about the excavations on site.

Nekhen News, Spring 1989 vol 5.1 (0.9 MB)
Hierakonpolis comes to Beverly Hills; Zooarchaeology at Hierakonpolis; an engineer's view of Hierakonpolis.

Nekhen News, Fall 1990 vol 6 (1.3 MB)
In Memoriam to Michael Hoffman - remembering a friend and colleague.

(There was no volume 7 of Nekhen News)

Nekhen News, Fall 1996 vol 8 (1.5 MB)
We're back! Pharaonic rock art; Dig-house update; human remains at HK43; Elephants, hippopotami and pigs; Hierakonpolis in Dublin.

Nekhen News, Fall 1997 vol 9 (1.6 MB)
Read about the first mummies, excavations at the Predynastic cemetery HK43, the plant macro remains at HK43, the conservation of the Old Kingdom and Second Intermediate period tombs, the Hierakonpolis Centenary, and more! Now in full color!

Nekhen News, Fall 1998 vol 10 (1.5 MB)
Read about 100 years of discovery at Hierakonpolis, discoveries at the Elite Cemetery (HK6), excavations at the Predynastic cemetery HK43, giraffes in ancient Egypt, archaeobotanical studies at HK43, the continuing conservation of the Old Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period tombs, Hierakonpolis at the Cairo Museum, and much more! The first edition in color!

Nekhen News, Fall 1999 vol 11 (2.6 MB)
Learn about the exciting new discoveries at the Elite Cemetery (HK6), the investigation of the Fort of Khasekhemwy, the geophysical survey of Hierakonpolis, the lower Second Intermediate Periods tombs, the artists at the tomb of Hormose, conservation at the tomb of Djehuty, the Painted Tomb at Hierakonpolis, and more!

Nekhen News, Fall 2000 vol 12 (2.8 MB)
Read about perspectives on the Elite Cemetery (HK6) finds, the analysis of the human remains from HK43 and HK6, the exciting excavations at HK11, Hierakonpolis' chipped stone animal finds, lithic analysis from Dr. Michael Hoffman's excavations at 10N5W, the plant remains from HK43, mapping the Fort of Khasekhemwy, and the ongoing work at the Old Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period tombs.

Nekhen News, Fall 2001 vol 13 (1.9 MB)
The Season of Surprises. Locality 6:amazing revelations, The home of the giant catfish, Buried in her bark pyjamas, Excavating in the Nubian cemeteries, Adornment circa 1700BC.

Nekhen News, Fall 2002 vol 14 (3.0 MB)
A memoriam issue to Barbara Adams, former co-director of excavations on site. Ma'asalama Mudira, Barbara and the boxes in Brussels, Funerary Textiles of the rich and poor, Saving the Fort, Return to the temple, Barbara Adams-a reminiscence.

Nekhen News, Fall 2003 vol 15 (4.1 MB)
Return to the Temple: Excavations at HK29A, Excavating an elephant, The case of the curious cones, A basket of delights: The 2003 Excavations at HK43.

Nekhen News, Fall 2004 vol 16 (4.4 MB)
Farewell to HK43, Searching for temple walls, Predynastic kilns at HK11C, Close encounters with HK Potters, Nobody can eat 30 eggs.

Nekhen News, Fall 2005 vol 17 (3.5 MB)
Exceeding Expectations, Excavating Egypt's earliest kings, Lifestyles of the Hierakonpolis rich and famous, Finding Lost Souls, Monuments in Mud, Fort within a Fort.

Nekhen News, Fall 2006 vol 18 (4.4 MB)
The Fort Fixers, It's the pits!, An enigmatic bird from HK25, When is a tomb not a tomb? A Scorpion for Eternity, Mapping Hierakonpolis, The Forgotten Potter of Horemkhawef, Pillow Talk, and much more besides...

Nekhen News, Fall 2007 vol 19 (5.2 MB)
A New Pillared Hall at HK6, The Falcon has landed: Falcons in "the City of the Falcons", headless at Hierakonpolis, Beer After Sheep? HK11C Squares A6-A7 in 2007, Mouse Patrol II.

Nekhen News, Fall 2008 vol 20 (3.3 MB)
A new piece of the puzzle, Grand Design in the Sacred Compound, Return to the Temple and Workshop, The Fort under Siege, Khasekhemwy's Cat...

Nekhen News, Fall 2009 vol 21 (4.4 MB)
A Tour of the Palace, Elephant hunting at Hierakonpolis, The Tale of Tomb 30, The Earliest Green Monkey in the Nile Valley, Into the Breach: Fixing the Fort in 2009. 

Nekhen News, Fall 2010 vol 22 (9.0 MB)
Further Adventures at HK6, Seeds of Destruction, Back to Magnetometry: Survey 2010, The Watercolours of Frederick William Green, Fort Finale: Phase One Finished. 

Nekhen News, Fall 2011 vol 23 (6.2 MB)
Meet the Flintstones, A Hartebeest and its handler, Dog Days: Tomb 48, Focus on Flint: Artisans of the Elite Cemetery, Up against the Walls at HK11C.  

Nekhen News, Fall 2012 vol 24 (2.5 MB)
A Harvest of potatoes, Lure of the Leopard at HK6, The Wadi of the Elephant, The Lady in Red, Sun Worship at Hierakonpolis, Death on the Nile.

Nekhen News, Fall 2013 vol 25 (3.0 MB)
New Kid on the Block, Rocking at Hierakonpolis in 2013, Rendering the Space-Time Contiuum at HK6, Through the Microscope: Messages from the Grave, The Horned Quadruped Conundrum, Farewell Old Friend.

Nekhen News, Fall 2014 vol 26 (10 MB)
A Year to Remember!, The Ivory Statuette from HK6 Tomb 72, Symbolism and Place: Investigating the Origins of Hierakonpolis Grinding Stones, Piercing Insights: Experiments in Predynastic Craftsmanship.

Nekhen News, Fall 2015 vol 27 (3.2 MB)
Boxing Day, Hierakonpolis Hippo Round Up!, Tomb 2 at HK6: Now in 3D (No Glasses Required), Skin Deep: the Beautiful Leather of the Nubians at Hierakonpolis, Hierakonpolis in Oxford and Berlin, Farewells to Dr Ahmed Gamal-ed-din Fahmy and Fred Wendorf.

Nekhen News, Winter 2016 vol 28 (4.3 MB)
Putting the Hierakonpolis C-Ware on the Map, Let's look at lions, Another portion of potatoes:Excavation of HK11C in 2016, Twirling the Whorl, Ashmolean Object in Focus, More Nekhen Nubians: A tale of two sites, The tragic life of Hans Alexander Winkler

Nekhen News, Winter 2017 vol 29 (3.5 MB)
Buried beneath the back-dirt, The treasures of Tomb 78, Baboon business, End of the line: excavations at HK11C in 2017, Early Tourists or Pilgrims? Visitors in the Hierakonpolis Dynastic Tombs, Defeating the Wild Bull: Achievements of the King at Nekhen

Nekhen News, Winter 2018 vol 30 (3.4 MB)
Find of a Lifetime, Celebrating The Nekhen News: Volume 30 and counting, One to Remember: Tomb 111 at HK6, Let's fly a Kite: Getting a Bird's Eye view of Hierakonpolis, Preserving the Painted Tomb, Groovy Nubians: Dental evidence from HK27C, Infrared Insights: Thanks for all the Tattoos!
Nekhen News, Winter 2019 vol 31
Hierakonpolis in 2019: A wider view, A Splice in the Tale: Textile Technology at Hierakonpolis, Scenes of Hunting: The art of Three Hump Hill, The Settlement of Elkab, Tracking Serpopards from Hierakonpolis Onward, Boats and Horses: A Painted Ptolomaic Tomb at Elkab.

Nekhen News, Winter 2020 vol 32

A Little Bit of Everywhere: Hierakonpolis in 2020, Fort Report: View from the Southern Flank, The Potter's House at HK29: A comparitive re-assessment, HK6: Life of the Edge, Ashmolean Object in Focus: The Scorpion Mace-head. And much more! 



  1. Fall 2007 and Fall 2008 have only the table of contents. I hope the rest can be added. Earlier versions do have content.

  2. Yes, some issues have bad links. I reported this to their webmaster a couple of weeks ago.