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Open Access Monograph Series: Athenian Agora

[First posted in AWOL 11 June 2014, updated 27 February 2021]

Athenian Agora
Many volumes within the Corinth ("Red Book"), Athenian Agora ("Blue Book"), and Hesperia Supplement series are out of print, and there are no plans to reprint the volumes at least for the next few years. In 2014, the Publications Committee of the ASCSA's Managing Committee voted unanimously to allow PDFs of these out-of-print volumes to be posted to the ASCSA's website as Open Access. You may freely read, download, and share these files under the BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license (non-commercial use; you must cite the ASCSA as the source; you may not make derivatives). The scans were created by JSTOR, and through the ASCSA's Content Sharing Agreement with JSTOR, we can make these PDFs available to individuals at no charge.

I: Portrait Sculpture, by Evelyn B. Harrison (1953)

II: Coins: From the Roman through the Venetian Period, by Margaret Thompson (1954)

III: Literary and Epigraphical Testimonia, by R. E. Wycherley (1957)

IV: Greek Lamps and Their Survivals, by Richard Hubbard Howland (1958)

V: Pottery of the Roman Period: Chronology, by Henry S. Robinson (1959)

VI: Terracottas and Plastic Lamps of the Roman Period, by Clairève Grandjouan (1961)

VII: Lamps of the Roman Period: First to Seventh Century after Christ, by Judith Perlzweig (1961)

VIII: Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery: Mid-8th to Late 7th Century B.C., by Eva T. H. Brann (1962)

IX: The Islamic Coins, by George C. Miles (1962)

X: Weights, Measures, and Tokens, by Mabel Lang and Margaret Crosby (1964)

XI: Archaic and Archaistic Sculpture, by Evelyn B. Harrison (1965)

XIII: The Neolithic and Bronze Ages, by Sara Anderson (1971)

XIV: The Agora of Athens: The History, Shape, and Uses of an Ancient City Center, by Homer A. Thompson and R. E. Wycherley (1972)

XV: Inscriptions: The Athenian Councillors, by Benjamin D. Meritt and John S. Traill (1974)

XVI: Inscriptions: The Decrees, by A. Geoffrey Woodhead (1997)

XVII: Inscriptions: The Funerary Monuments, by Donald W. Bradeen (1974)

XIX: Inscriptions: Horoi, Poletai Records, and Leases of Public Lands, by Gerald V. Lalonde, Merle K. Langdon, and Michael B. Walbank (1991)

XX: The Church of the Holy Apostles, by Alison Frantz (1971)

XXI: Graffiti and Dipinti, by Mabel Lang (1976)

XXIV: Late Antiquity: A.D. 267–700, by Alison Frantz (1988)

XXVI: The Greek Coins, by John H. Kroll, with Alan S. Walker (1993)

XXVIII: The Lawcourts at Athens: Sites, Buildings, Equipment, Procedure, and Testimonia, by Alan L. Boegehold et al. (1995)

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