Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Gutenberg (Latin texts)

Project Gutenberg contains a few hundred ebooks in Latin (as of early 2021), which are available in a variety of formats - Epub, Kindle, HTML and plain text. The texts are all out of copyright, and consist of older editions of classical texts (Virgil, Plautus, Propertius, Catullus, Caesar, Cicero, Tacitus, and more), as well as later Latin texts. A number of translations are also included in this category.

This small collection of digitized texts can be useful as a source of material for quick lookups or harvestable raw text for text mining and analysis, as the plain text versions are accessible via URL. However, users should be aware that these texts are entered and proofread by Project Gutenberg volunteers, and may contain errors, and that the older, out of copyright editions may have been superceded. Project Gutenberg welcomes the submission of errata, and do their best to make corrections.

Its collection of Latin texts is relatively small but it is eclectic as it contains digitized Latin grammars and other secondary texts from the modern period which are not easily found elsewhere.



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