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Persius Index

Persius Index
A. Persi Flacci Satvrae
qvas edidit brevique apparatu critico instruxit
Michael Hendry 2014

This is the front page for my on-line edition of Persius, with accompanying Public On-line Textual-Interpretative Seminar (not a MOOC but a POTIS). Links to the text are in the first column, to the latest version of the adversaria in the second (ordered as in the text, but sortable other ways), to the blog posts discussing them in the third (ordered by date, last to first). PDFs of the individual notes are linked from the notes in the 2nd column. When complete, the fourth column will include the usual subsidia for a critical edition: lists of manuscripts and of editions consulted, and a select bibliography. Also, below them, links to blog-posts outlining my reasons for publishing my work this way, reasons for starting with Persius, and comment policy (don't like my policy? comment on it!). Eventually, there will be an introduction to the QLTP text-formatting software.
Comments and suggestions for improvement may be e-mailed to, or (better) left in the comments of the appropiate blog-post.
March 10, 2014
TextNotesDiscussionNeedful Things
Prologus (Choliambi)Notes PBlog PManuscripts
Satura 1Notes 1Blog 1Editions Consulted
Satura 2Notes 2Blog 2Bibliography
Satura 3Notes 3Blog 3
Satura 4Notes 4Blog 4Why a POTIS?
Satura 5Notes 5Blog 5Why Persius?
Satura 6Notes 6Blog 6Comment Policy
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