Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Inscriptions of Libya: an update

Inscriptions of Libya: an update
The Inscriptions of Libya project is a collaboration between King’s College London, the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London), the Universities of Bologna and Macerata, and the University of Paris IV–Sorbonne (Centre de recherche sur la Libye Antique). Our intention is to produce a publication portal and joint search facility for several publications of inscribed Greek and Latin texts from ancient Libya. For the present this will include:
  1. Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (published 2009): http://inslib.kcl.ac.uk/irt2009/
  2. Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica and Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica (published 2018): https://igcyr.unibo.it/
  3. Ostraka from Bu Njem (currently only at Papyri.info): https://papyri.info/ddbdp/o.bu.njem/
  4. Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (forthcoming 2020)
Leptis Magna Severan BasilicaThese publications will be connected by reference tools including indices, bibliography and geographical data, the latter based on:
We hope to be able to offer access to other relevant online publications, as these become available.

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