Thursday, February 20, 2020

Greek Vocabulary Tool

Greek Vocabulary Tool

What can you (and will you be able to) do with this site?

Generate word lists with definitions for entire Greek works or specific passages.
View statistics on each word across the entire corpus or user-defined subsets of text.
Provide improvements to the underlying data and contribute to open philology.
Track your reading and scaffold new texts with just the vocabulary help you need.
Study vocabulary with adaptive, spaced flashcards customized to your reading. 
To get started, browse the Lemma List or Editions List.


The texts covered here are all from the Perseus Digital Library. They were lemmatized by Giuseppe Celano and combined with short definitions from Logeion, used with the generous permission of Helma Dik.
This site is being developed by Eldarion, supported in part by the Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig.

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