Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Art of Counting

The Art of Counting
Art of Counting
The Art of Counting is a ground-breaking research project that applies statistical methods to the study of visual material.  This approach has already proven its immense value through a successful doctoral dissertation (directed by David O’Connor) that focused on the reliefs of the memorial temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu.  The data-driven methodology proved to be an extremely efficient and informative tool for investigating the complex and intricately interwoven iconography present in these scenes.  Currently, the Art of Counting approach is being applied to ancient Egyptian imagery, but the methodology is equally well suited to research visual material from any era.  See About the Project for more information on this innovative effort.

This endeavor is an international and collaborative one, bringing together specialists across the globe.  The scale of the task at hand–quantifying, recording, and analyzing the immense body of visual material from ancient Egypt–simply requires a group effort and the Art of Counting team already includes more than a dozen Egyptologists in addition to our statistical and technological partners.   As we begin investigating other eras, this group of specialists will further expand.  Find out more at About the Team.

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