Thursday, May 3, 2018

Open Access Journal: Social Evolution & History

Social Evolution & History
ISSN: 1681–4363
Social Evolution & History
The "Social Evolution & History" is a semiannual international journal that serves the needs of all scholars seeking for an understanding of how human societies developed in the past and continue to develop in the present. The Journal acts as a forum for debate about key issues and concepts in the field, challenging and re-examining the boundaries of the search. As well as original research articles, the journal includes critical notes and a book review section.

Aims of the journal

The "Social Evolution & History" a semiannual international journal publishing researches on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest.

The Journal's aim is to contribute to the integration of such fields of knowledge as anthropology, history, sociology, and also philosophy and theory of history. Such integration has been lacking until now, though its necessity has long been felt acutely by the academic community. In the current situation of continuously increasing knowledge and professional endeavor, any attempt to introduce new methods of integrating facts with social theory, and to establish interdisciplinary links, would appear to be especially valuable.

Social Evolution & History's Original Mission Statement was published for the first time in Volume 1, Number 1 of the Journal in 2002. The journal is published in English.

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