Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Open Access Monograph Series: Digital Papyrology

Digital Papyrology I. Methods, Tools and Trends
ISBN: 9783110547474 9783110547603 Year: Pages: viii, 318 Language: English
Publisher: De Gruyter
Subject: History
Abstract Since the very beginnings of the digital humanities, Papyrology has been in the vanguard of the application of information technologies to its own scientific purposes, for both theoretical and practical reasons (the strong awareness towards the problems of human memory and the material ways of preserving it; the need to work with a multifarious and overwhelming amount of different data). After more than thirty years of development, we have now at our disposal the most advanced tools to make papyrological studies more and more effective, and even to create a new conception of "papyrology" and a new model of "edition" of the ancient documents. At this turining point, it is important to build an epistemological framework including all the different expressions of Digital Papyrology, to trace a historical sketch setting the background of the contemporary tools, and to provide a clear overview of the current theoretical and technological trends, so that all the possibilities currently available can be exploited following uniform pathways. The volume represents an innovative attempt to deal with such topics, usually relegated into very quick and general treatments within journal articles or papyrological handbooks.
Digital Papyrology II. Case Studies on the Digital Edition of Ancient Greek Papyri
ISBN9783110547450 Year Pages197 Language: English
PublisherDe Gruyter
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Abstract: The recent developments of Digital Papyrology, in particular the creation of a new platform hosting a textual database of the literary papyri, including special technical texts like the medical papyri, is leading to new thoughts on the concept and shape of the digital critical edition of ancient documents, and to new tools to manage it. The volume collects some contributions on this theme, also in parallel disciplines with the same needs.

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