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Proceedings: digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS symposium Brisbane 19-21 April 2017

Proceedings: digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS symposium Brisbane 19-21 April 2017
Introduction to the conference
Full conference proceedings

Day 1 – Session 1: Theory Case Studies

Vince Dzekian, ‘(Adventures in) Culturescaping’
Hannah Lewi & Steven Cooke, ‘Teaching memory: digital interpretation at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne’
Jane-Heloise Nancarrow, ‘Countering the Uncanny and Replicating “Real-ness”: Establishing parameters for post-processing in 3D digital cultural heritage’

Day 1 – Session 2: Practice Case Studies

Julie Nichols, Darren Fong & Sue Avery, ‘Multi-Modal Archiving: Re-envisioning Acehnese built cultural heritage’
Marc Schnabel & Ye Hi, ‘Digital Fabrication of Parametrically Generated Māori Carvings’
David Beynon, Sambit Datta & Joshua Hollick, ‘Digitised Connections: Reflections on the image analysis and spatial modelling of Southeast Asian temples’

Day 1 – Session 3: Practice Case Studies

Ann Hardy, Gionnia di Gravio, Charles Martin, Russell Rigby & Tim Davidson, ‘Newcastle Time Machine – A multi-disciplinary approach to digital cultural heritage’
Chen Yang & Feng Han, ‘Capturing Spatial Patterns of Traditional Rural Landscapes with 3D Point Cloud – A case study of Tunpu Villages in Guizhou Province, China’

Day 1 – Session 4: Theory Case Studies

Cheng Chun Patrick Hwang, ‘Re-Evaluating the Rationality of Etienne- Louis Boullée Through Digitising and Analysing the geometry of the Cenotaph of Turenne’
Cristina Garduño Freeman, Marco Antonio Chavez Aguayo & Sonia González Velázquez, ‘Google Images: a site for understanding the social and symbolic connection between World Heritage and their cities’

Day 2 – Session 5: Theory Case Studies

Guido Cimadomo, ‘Heritage as an Asset: how to involve local communities in the protection of cultural heritage’
Amy Clarke & Ashley Paine, ‘Built Heritage in the Age of Digital Reproduction’

Day 2- Session 6: Practice Case Studies

Lisa-Marie Daunt & David Gole, ‘Revitalising Ethiopia’s Africa Hall: Using new digital technologies to conserve Africa’s heritage’
Joann Russell & David Mitchell, ‘Practical Applications of Digital Technologies in the Conservation, Management and Education Fields by Scotland’s National Heritage Body’

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