Tuesday, May 29, 2018

OrientLab Youtube Channel

OrientLab Youtube Channel
We are pleased at the University of Bologna to announce the creation
of the new didactic channel in English language "OrientLab" on
YouTube.com, which has educational purposes for the archaeological
community working in the Near East and beyond. The OrientLab videos
intend to serve as a guide for beginners on specific topics (which may
be connected to some of the projects being developed on OrientLab.

Thus far - but the range of subjects and themes is expanding - we
concentrated on archaeological pottery as well as GIS, mainly through
open source software (which we strongly encourage users to adopt),
even though commercial ones are considered too.

The documentation of archaeological pottery is organized in three
playlists about the actual drawing of sherds (with specific videos on
both the various elements and complete shapes) and their digital
inking for scientific publications (with these videos also realized
according to the diverse sherd elements), one set of videos using OS
Inkscape.org and another one Adobe Illustrator (c).

The use of OS QGIS.org is explained in a playlist of four videos,
guiding users from the the download and installation of the OS
software, to the handling of raster and vector data, to their

Hopefully these videos will turn out to be useful for the quick
instruction of University students and employees of Department of
Antiquities willing to expand and update their capabilities.
Colleagues are warmly invited to circulate them, as well as letting us
have their criticisms and suggestions.

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