Friday, April 20, 2018

kmz files from Assyrian empire builders

Assyrian empire builders links to a set of useful External Resources. Among these is:
Explore the locations of Assyrian cities using our content for Google Earth. Download all Google Earth content (KMZ files) used in People, Gods & Places (12KB). Follow these instructions to download Google Earth for your computer.
The identification of ancient places with modern sites is not always certain. We have followed the certainty codes 1-4 in Parpola and PorterHelsinki atlas (2001), and coloured the pins in the Google Earth (KMZ) files accordingly:
  1. Yellow: definitely known location (no "probably/perhaps/possibly" in People, Gods & Places).
  2. Green: "probably" known to be a modern location.
  3. Aqua: "perhaps" known to be a modern location.
  4. White: "possibly" known to be a modern location.


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