Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Open Access Journal: The Ancient History Bulletin Online Reviews

 [First posted in AWOL 26 June 2012, updated 124April 2018]

The Ancient History Bulletin Online Reviews
Books for review and inquiries concerning reviews should be directed to the Reviews Editor, Joseph Roisman 

An index to reviews published in Volumes 1-24 will also be available soon via the subscribers secure access Archives.

Beginning with the publication year 2011, The Ancient History Bulletin publishes all reviews online, in a new online journal entitled The Ancient History Bulletin Online Reviews. Reviews will be formatted as .pdf files, with continuous pagination for all the reviews published in any given year. Reviewers will therefore be able to refer to their reviews in same manner as reviews published in hard copy; e.g., ‘Review of xxx’, AHB Online Reviews 1 (2011) xx–xx.

Reviews may be viewed and downloaded by following the links below.

No offprints of reviews will be sent to reviewers, since the .pdf files may easily be downloaded from this website. If any difficulties arise, please contact the Senior Editor.

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