Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CyberCaesar: Learning Latin Online

CyberCaesar: Learning Latin Online
 CyberCaesar uses the best of traditional, modern and digital approaches to learning Latin.
  • Traditional – learning grammar is of paramount importance
  • Modern – learning the language through reading is engaging
  • Digital – technology is used to enhance learning
Each topic in CyberCaesar comprises:
  1. A series of stories, illustrating elements of grammar of syntax, as well depicting aspects of Roman life.
  2. At least one video lesson per topic, explaining new linguistic features.
  3. A vocabulary list, a set of flashcards to enhance learning and a vocabulary test to assess knowledge.
  4. Language reference items to aid recall and reinforcement.
  5. A series of exercises practising the new linguistic material.
  6. A revision exercise embedding concepts previously visited.
  7. English into Latin exercises that stretch each student to use new knowledge.
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