Monday, April 30, 2018

The (Cumulative) Arabic Papyrology Bibliography of Editions and Research

The (Cumulative) Arabic Papyrology Bibliography of Editions and Research
This bibliography forms part of the Arabic Papyrology Database Project ( You will find below all the abbreviations (sigles) of the documents as used in the APD in square brackets (e.g. [P.SternAyyubidDecrees]). A green "APD" after an edition tells you that it has been completely implemented into the APD (full text!), an orange "APD" refers to a partial implementation (only full text of some selected documents). The initials after the "APD" give credit to the ones who have implemented the text (the first initials for the person entering the text, the second for the person controlling). Behind the initials are: AK: Andreas Kaplony; AKL: Angélique Kleiner; DP: Daniel Potthast; EG: Eva Mira Youssef-Grob; LR: Lucian Reinfandt; LS: Leonora Sonego; MH: Michail Hradek; SM: Sebastian Metz; UB: Ursula Bsees. - For a year-to-year update on new publications in Arabic papyrology, please check the Bibliographie raisonnée zur arabischen Papyrologie (
At the end of this website you will also find a compilation of the progress of entering texts into the Arabic Papyrology Database, telling you which editions have been added when (and by whom).

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