Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Ancient Egyptian Film Site

 [First posted in AWOL 9 August 2010. Updated 18 April 2018]

The Ancient Egyptian Film Site
"Egypt, 4000 years ago, a land of strange rituals and savage cruelty..."
(trailer of The Mummy, 1959)
Welcome to the Ancient Egypt Film Site! This site offers an elaborate overview of motion pictures and tv movies that prominently feature Egyptology and ancient Egypt, its monuments or sites. Looking for those magnificent mummy films, or films featuring pyramids or Cleopatra? This is the site to visit!
More than 930 movies, television films and episodes from television series are featured here.
The film and television productions that qualify for mention on this site either have the story set in Ancient Egypt, set in modern times with flashbacks or travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, or in modern times have an ancient Egyptian object or person somehow influence the storyline in a minor or major degree.
The listings presented here were gathered on basis of careful research done on the Internet, in books and by watching and collecting many movies and tv films. Though I did everything possible to give a complete overview, some films or television episodes may still have escaped my attention. If there is anything missing that you think should be included, films, film news or film oddities, please let me know!
Hans van den Berg

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