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Pompeii in pictures

[First posted in AWOL 23 September 3013, updated 20 April 2018]

Pompeii in pictures
pompeii pompeji pompeya pompei plan

Pompeiiinpictures: A complete photographic plan of ancient Pompeii as it is today, produced by Jackie and Bob Dunn for those as enthusiastic about Pompeii as we are.

Pompeii Regio I  Click Here Pompeii Regio II    Click Here Pompeii Regio III    Click Here Pompeii Regio IV    Click Here Pompeii Regio V    Click Here Pompeii Regio VI    Click Here Pompeii Regio VII    Click Here Pompeii Regio VIII    Click Here Pompeii Regio IX    Click Here Pompeii Herculaneum Gate Sepolcri, Villa of Diomedes, Villa of Cicero, Villa of Mosaic Columns, Villa of Mysteries and Villa Regina Boscoreale    Click Here

Use the pompeiiinpictures interactive map, buttons or links to view pictures of the excavations at Pompeii of every regio, insula, house, shop, villa, temple, baths, altar, fountain, gate, tomb or tower.

Please click on a Regio of the coloured plan to go to the next plan and to the photographs or click on one of the links below.

If you prefer you can also choose between alternative colour schemes.
Please click on a Regio of the coloured plan to go to the next plan and to the photographs or click on one of the links below.
Regio:    I     II     III     IV    V     VI     VII     VIII     IX
Altare nelle strade Street Altars
Archi Arches
Terme   Baths
Fontane e acqua Fountains and water
Le Porte Gates
Mappe di Pompei Maps of Pompeii
Edifici pubblici Public Buildings
Vedute di ogni strada Street views
Templi a Pompei     Temples in Pompeii
Santuario extraurbano    Suburban Temples
  Localita Case Bottaro, Nettuno   Neptune
  Fondo Iozzino   Zeus Meilichios
    Demeter or Ceres
  Sant’Abbondio   Temple of Dionysus
  Mitreo di S. Maria Capua Vetere   S. M. Capua Vetere Mithraeum

Tombe     Tombs
  Tombs outside Pompeii gates   Pompeii Tombs
  Tombe Praetorian a Porta Nola   Praetorian Tombs
      1    2    3    4
  Tomba a cabina ENEL    Tomb of the Ancarsuleni
  Fondo Azzolini Necropolis    Fondo Azzolini
  Porta Sarno necropolis    Porta Sarno Tombs
  Tombe del Fondo Prelatura   Fondo Prelatura
  Fondo Prisco   Fondo Prisco Tomb
  Fondo Santilli    Fondo Santilli Tombs
  Fondo Squillante   Fondo Squillante Tombs

Torre                                          Towers
Ville Pompei Pompeii Villas
  Villa dei Misteri   Villa of the Mysteries
  Villa di Diomede   Villa of Diomedes
  Villa di Cicerone   Villa of Cicero
  Villa delle Colonne a Mosaico   Villa of the Mosaic Columns
  Villa Imperiale a Porta Marina   Imperial Villa Porta Marina
  Villa di T. Siminius Stephanus   Villa of T. Siminius Stephanus
  Villa del fondo Ippolito Zurlo   Villa in fondo Ippolito Zurlo


Pompei Guide turistiche Pompeii Tourist Guides
  Guida agli scavi di Pompei   Italiano 
  A Guide to the Pompeii
  Guía de las excavaciones
      de Pompeya
  Guide aux fouilles de Pompéi   Francais
  Führer durch die Ausgrabungen
       von Pompeji 
  Путеводитель по раскопкам
       города Помпеи  
  ポンペイ遺跡ガイド    Japanese
  龐貝指南    Chinese  
  دليل بومبيي        Arabic  

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