Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Two Electronic Cuneiform Tools

Two Electronic Cuneiform Tools
From Martin Worthington []

Title: two electronic cuneiform tools

Through the good offices of Dr Tom Gillam, formerly of the University of Cambridge, two electronic cuneiform tools are available at

1) A “cuneify” tool, which converts transliteration to cuneiform (it takes a few seconds for the cuneiform to appear, so please be patient).

Line breaks are maintained as entered, and one can choose from several versions of the script.  It is not necessary to install the fonts in order to use the site, but it will be necessary if one copies-and-pastes the output (e.g. into a Word file).

2) A tool for generating sign lists: one inputs a transliteration, and the site creates a sign list, consisting in the relevant cuneiform sign followed by its readings which are used in the inputted transliteration. 

Upper- and lowercase remain as in the transliteration, which is a convenient way of separating Akkadian and Sumerian readings.

Both tools are much indebted to Steve Tinney’s “cuneify" (

I am sure Dr Gillam, who has done this service to Mesopotamian studies (not his own field) on a voluntary basis, would be glad to hear from anyone who finds it useful: <>.  Any technical queries should be addressed to me in the first instance.

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