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Open Access Journal: Pirradaziš: Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies

Pirradaziš: Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies
Download the full-sized PDF of Pirradazish: Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies, Number 8: 12 April 1994
Pirradaziš (Pirradazish) [OCLC Number: 863381899] is a newsletter produced by Charles E. Jones at the Oriental Institute Chicago. Eight issues appeared between 1990 and 1994.
Pirradaziš seeks to gather information, primarily bibliographical, which relates to the study of the Achaemenid Persian empire, as well as relevant material on the periods immediately preceding and following it. Each issue will cover the material seen by the editor during the six months (more or less) prior to the date of issue.
Pirradazish 1 (1 July 1990) 
Pirradazish 2 (10 January 1991) 
Pirradazish 3 (20 August 1991) 
Pirradazish 4 (7 February 1992) 
Pirradazish 5-6 (4 February 1993) 
Pirradazish 7 (8 October 1993) 
Pirradazish 8 (12 April 1994)

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