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Trismegistos Editors

Trismegistos Editors 
Currently 20894 (modern) editors and authors, responsible for 1040086 Trismegistos text editions (1589-), including descriptions for unpublished texts; for 47117 Bibliographie Papyrologique entries (1932-2012); and for 5019 entries in the Demotistische Literaturübersicht (1822-).

The work is not yet finished: some 70,000 editions still lack an editor; for almost 52,000 editions we have not yet resolved the pragmatic 'e.a.' (= et alii); the (book) editors of the BP and DL bibliographies have not yet been converted; the BP entries are based on the work done in the Papyrological Navigator in 2012, so more recent entries are NOT included. 

Nevertheless we have come a long way since January 2015. This was when a PAPYLIST post enquired about a way to look for papyri edited after 1980. This gave us the idea to standardise the Trismegistos information about editors of ancient texts, and afterwards also about the authors in bibliographies such as the Bibliographie Papyrologique and the Demotistische Literaturübersicht.
Mark Depauw and Yanne Broux have published an article on editors and editorial practice for Greek (& Latin) papyrological texts (Depauw / Broux, ZPE 198 (2016), pp. 202-210). A similar study into editions and publications in the field of Demotic studies is in preparation. Eventually we would like to compare papyrology with epigraphy. But for that last investigation our dataset needs to be complete. 

Trismegistos Editors is a new tool. There are still doubles in the editor list, and the information about the editors is still limited in many cases. Information about date of birth and - where applicable - of death is often missing, the latter being especially useful to determine posthumous publications. Nationality and university affiliation is also absent in most cases, which e.g. makes studies about international cooperation currently impossible. Also, we would still like to add many more links to VIAF (Virtual International Authority File). You can send us an email with additions or corrections for your own personal data. Should you want to help us with any of this in a more systematic way, please do contact us. We will be eternally grateful. 

Finally, much of the information about editors is presented through networks. For more information about this, check out our Trismegistos Networks page.

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