Friday, September 16, 2016

New Open Access Journal: Auctor: A journal for postgraduates in Classics

Auctor: A journal for postgraduates in Classics
Auctor is the postgraduate journal of the Royal Holloway (University of London) Classics department. Our aim is to provide a high quality peer-reviewed journal, where postgraduates at any stage in their career can publish notes or articles pertaining to the classical world. We do not discriminate and so not only welcome submissions in Classical literature, but also from archaeology to reception, and everything in-between.
We are excited to announce that our first issue is now available! 
You can access it from the Issues page by either clicking the link or using the toolbar above.
 Issue 1: 16/09/16

Editorial 1
 J. Winter(Re)interpreting Xenophon’s Speeches: Euphron’s Killer to the Theban Council (Hellenica 7.3.7–11) 2
 S. TosettiNote on Epich. fr. 77 K.-A. 15
 F. WarrenAttalos’s Policy in the Aegean and Mainland Greece21
D. Eleftheriou “ΜΥΘ”: The marginal annotation on Antigonos’ Collection of Extraordinary Stories and its meaning 32
F. BiglinoRoman Soldiers and Census Figures 41
A. TsourisPrivate Associations as Agents of Cultural Memory and Tradition. A Case Study: Roman Thessalonike 50
C. DevotoThe House under the Baths of Caracalla. Architecture and Decoration 68
B. Spigola Barbegal. A Roman watermill complex in Gallia Narbonensis. 96
F. Kaminski-Jones
 ‘La Generosa Belva’: Romance-Epic and Ariosto’s Rodomonte 106
P. BrighouseThe Calvinist Foundation of John Buchan’s Reception of Ancient Rome 118

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