Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DemonBase: Online Catalogue of Ancient Egyptian Supernatural Beings

DemonBase: Online Catalogue of Ancient Egyptian Supernatural Beings
Come explore a sample of the many supernatural creatures that helped Ancient Egyptians cope with troubles, afflictions, and ailments of everyday life. While their gods are well-known, these composite creatures were usually left unnamed and do not appear in our lists and encyclopedias. Yet anybody, from an elite pharaoh such as Tutankhamun to a poor small child, could appeal for help and protection from these beings. Many of them resemble our own mythical creatures, gremlins, gnomes, daemons, and familiars.

For the first time, we bring you a sample of supernatural beings—some fully human, some animal hybrids, some objects—to explore! There are three versions of the catalague and we would be interested to know which you prefer.

This is just a sample—there are many many more that surrounded the Egyptians over 3,000 years, and the catalogue will constantly grow. Enjoy!

Sampler Catalogue

This catalogue is the simplest to use, and contains a sample of demons that were represented as images—ones known only by name or description are not included. Just click on the boxes you want to search for!

Text & Image Sampler Catalogue

This catalogue includes demons that are known either as text or as image. In this version you need to type in search terms, so please do click on the information button. Or, just explore!

Detailed Sampler

This is the most detailed version. You can search on the appearance or other characteristics. When you start typing into the various boxes, they will autofill with the possibilities. Please log in using the “Guest” option.

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